5 Best Online Dating Apps for 2022

Online dating applications are one of the new options that netizens have recently used to find friends or partners. With this application you can find friends of the opposite sex from various regions.

With only a smartphone, you can easily find a partner or date online. But you also have to be careful because of the rampant fraud today.

What is Online Dating Friend Application

The online dating application is a platform that offers its users to get friends to chat or chat, partners, or date friends by getting acquainted through the chat menu.

The 5 best dating apps online

In Indonesia, there are many free online dating apps that you can try. Each of these applications has its own advantages and disadvantages, consider the following 5 dating applications.

  1. Tinder

The Tinder application is the best online dating application that has been widely used around the world. Most smartphone users choose this application because the name “tinder” is already popular in the world.

Tinder also offers premium feature services and subscription packages from Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum. You can take advantage of interesting features in this application. Download the app HERE

  1. Tantan

Tantan is a free online dating app that is quite popular, especially in Southeast Asia and India. This application has excellent features that are not found in the Tinder application, namely the moments feature to share personal experiences. Which other users can comment at the moment.

Similar to the Tinder application, the Tantan application also provides premium features for which you can subscribe from 30 thousand per month. Download the app HERE

  1. OKCupid

The next online dating application is OKCupid. Although not as popular as Tinder, this OKCupid application can also be your choice to find a partner. Download the application HERE.

  1. Wink

Similar to social media, Wink offers the opportunity to share moments as well as add friends. This application can be connected to a Snapchat account. So that when you make friends on Wink, you can add that person to your snapchat account. Download the app HERE

  1. Bumble

Bumble is an online dating application that has various features in it. Unlike other applications, Bumble offers an opportunity for female users to start chatting first.

One of the differences with other applications, Bumble will delete the match status when after 24 hours there is no chat reply from either party. So if you don’t fit in, you won’t be bothered. Download the app HERE

Online dating tips

Here softdf.com will provide some tips for you in online dating so that something unwanted happens.

Use the app wisely

Everyone must have their own goals and ways of using the application to find friends. However, keep in mind to always use online dating apps wisely.

If your main target is to find a partner, then of course you don’t have a partner in the real world.

Don’t share privacy

Do not be too easy to trust people you just know, try not to tell them about your personality.

Be selective in finding online dating friends

Don’t be careless in choosing a date online, you have to be selective and need a lot of consideration so that negative things don’t happen to you, hopefully it’s useful.